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We offer credit education, personalized strategies and goal setting, credit monitoring, and one on one interaction for each client.

Personalized Credit Goals

During the consultation phase of our program we find our our clients reason for our services. Whether they want a home, car, or loan, etc... We set a goal and a timeline. Then we put a plan in action that will help us reach our goal!

Monthly Snapshot Analysis

Every 30 days we provide monthly goal reports in each credit file. Any work done on a client file is documented and always available for our clients to view. Transparency is key.

Target Problem Areas

Some clients only have an item or two that causes their scores to decrease. We target problem areas on your credit report to ensure you get the most points available within the scoring system. Payment history and debt to income ratio are the biggest scoring factor so many times that's the main target areas however, whatever the barrier we work to eliminate it. 

One on One Interaction and Credit Monitoring

Our process starts with an in person consultation. We are always available to our clients. Our clients aren't just customers but they become friends and family to us. We advocate for their credit worthiness. Also, credit montioring is a feature of the service provided. We constatly monitor and analyze our clients reporst to ensure accuracy.

Credit Education:

Becoming educated about your credit changes peoples perception of credit. Teaching the importance of credit in our daily lives makes managing your credit easier because you understand the concept of having and maintaining healty credit and will ultimately aid you in making better financial decisions.


How long does it take to repair my credit?

Customers have seen results in as little as 30-45 days. However, our Program is designed to be completed in 180 days or less.

Our Method:

Our method is a tested and proven method we developed to get rid of unwanted debt. We attack the bureaus with full force! We not only remove debt we also set goals with our clients, maintain a business personal relationship and implent personal financial strategies to assist the client in etablishing and maintaining healty credit.